About Us

I started this project with my wife Jenny (a salon owner). The idea was simply to spread positivity and love to all in these difficult times. We all or will have stories of fallen comrades and sadly my own mother died on 15th January as a victim of COVID-19. This is a very personal project for me.

Ash Subramanian, COVID Reflections Founder

Dr Lakshmi Subramanian
Dr Lakshmi Subramanian
Dr Lakshmi Subramanian 25th February 1927- 15th January 2021

COVID Reflections is a charitable fund. All profit will be donated to Charities and Charitable Projects nominated by our Team Members. The pandemic has impacted so many lives in ways that no one could have predicted therefore the recipient organisations will be as diverse as the people who have contributed to it.

We hope to make a real difference by raising money for worthy causes and providing support to individuals and businesses who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. We will do this by making grants to local, small national and large national charities to enable them to help those who need it the most allowing them to continue to do the amazing work that we know is being carried out every day. As well as giving a voice to those who are heard the least, through this financial support, we can help people who need it more than ever.

Read more about the Charities and Charitable Projects benefiting from the project.